Summer worship services are lay led by congregants. The topics are diverse and engaging. There will be nursery care each week for children five and younger. Older children are welcome to participate in worship in the Sanctuary. Religious Education will resume September 8. 

Please join us!

June 30, 2019: “The ‘Out of Character’ Verses of Jesus” led by Sterling Pilette

July 7, 2019: “An Atheist Believes” led by Ron Bracy

July 14, 2019: “Slowing Down and Seeking Truths” led by Cara Fortner

July 21, 2019: “The Two Wings of Mindfulness” led by Mary Ellen Mogee and Steve Zappalla

July 28, 2019: “Not Just My Clients But ‘Our Clients’ ” led by Steve Ewart

August 4, 2019: “Poetry” led by Tim Norton and Lesley Tyson