UUCR offers a variety of giving options to simplify your giving experience. 

UUCR is self-funded and relies on the generosity of its Members to fund daily operations and to ensure that the church and its resources are here for us and others, now and in the future. Pledges support our worship and music programs, our religious education program, programs for Members and Friends, community outreach, and connections to Unitarian Universalism. 

There are several ways to give to UUCR. You can write a personal check or give cash, set up payments to come directly from your bank, give electronically via our secure online payment system and give electronically using our mobile app, EasyTithe.

Each of these payment options has advantages and benefits. Writing a personal check or paying with cash allows you to personally give your donation to UUCR. Automated bank payments and online giving options enable you to easily set up recurring payments which ensures your donations are sent even when you are out of town or unable to attend a service. The EasyTithe mobile app allows donors to make a one-time donation or set up recurring giving from their iOS or Android device. The most important consideration in choosing how you will donate is what works best for you. 

Please click here for FAQ about giving to UUCR. Should you have additional questions or wish more information, please contact Beth DiPasquale