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February Worship Schedule

February 1: “A Spiritual Practice of Generosity” lead by Rev. Coeyman

Following our reflections on ‘faith’ in January, this month let us consider ‘generosity’ --- giving without expectation of return or reward --- as a religious value. ‘Generosity’ can be included in our language of reverence. Generosity benefits both giver and receiver, and enhances those connections that are at the core of being religious. 

February 8: “Serving Leadership with a Generous Heart” lead by Rev. Coeyman and the UUCR Board of Directors

UUCR is approaching an important decision about the future direction of professional ministry. Interim ministers are charged to work primarily with leadership. In today’s out-of-the-ordinary format of a dialogue sermon, come hear Rev. Coeyman and members of UUCR’s Board discuss together how their shared ministry of generosity with one another has created a strong Minister / Board covenant this year.

February 15: “Being Generous to Ourselves: the Gift of Sabbath” lead by Rev. Coeyman

Sometimes the one for whom we need to show the most generosity is ourselves. The habit of Sabbath --- regular time off or time away from daily, regular routines --- is life-giving. Still, when it comes to Sabbath breaks, many of us find the greatest challenge to our being generous is with ourselves. How do you give yourself the gift of ‘down time?’

February 22: “UUCR as a Community of Generosity” lead by Mary Ellen Mogee

UUCR can be viewed as a Community of Generosity.  As individuals, members of UUCR are generous in many ways and in supporting a variety of causes. As a closely knit community of people with similar values, UUCR leverages our collective energies, resources, and intelligence on a larger scale than we could do as individuals, thus allowing us to engage in the wider world more powerfully.  Perhaps most importantly, UUCR provides a place where we can develop our personal generosity, like we develop in faith or spirituality.

Note: The UUCR winter congregational meeting will be held during Second Hour, starting at 11:30 a.m.

Second Hour Schedule - Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm

For a trial period during the 2014-2015 church year, the plan for the 11:30-12:30 hour on Sundays will be to schedule events according a rotating schedule:

  • 1st and 3rd Sundays -- Adult Faith Development activities;
  • 2nd Sundays -- Congregational Meetings;
  • 4th Sundays -- open for social events, committee meetings, etc. 

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This Sunday in Worship

“What Do We Mean by 'Faith Development'?”

January 25:  led by Rev. Barbara Coeyman

One Service at 10:00am


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Rev. Coeyman and a Story for All Ages

Child and Youth Faith Development

Beginning September 14th - Sundays, 10:00am

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UUCR has a rich heritage as a progressive, vibrant, and active congregation that serves the intellectual and spiritual needs of its community. We strive to be a religious community of unlimited opportunities for personal and collective growth, acting as a beacon of free and liberal faith in a changing world. Join us for the journey, and welcome!

Activities and Highlights


Kwanzaa Service on December 28

Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service on December 24