August 21st Online Newsletter

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Pictures from Audrey Van Vliet's Bon Voyage Party

Our thanks to Bruce Anderson, who took these pictures and uploaded them to Flickr! Please click here to see the gallery.

Are you interested in teaching Religious Education?

Unsure if you should teach a Child and Youth Faith Development Class (formerly known as RE) next year? Here is some inspiration:
     Top Ten Reasons to Teach RE    

     #10. Find out the story behind "The Crystal of Awesomeness".
     #9.   Strengthen balance skills by sitting in tiny chairs.
     #8. Revel in the power of choosing who lights the chalice.
     #7  Enjoy months of tingly suspense as you wonder what the teacher gifts will be.
     #6 Find out what Jesus and Zombies have in common.
     #5 Learn that a roomful of active kids can be more energizing than coffee.

Annual Report

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Volunteer to teach our next generation of UUs!

Please enter your name to volunteer for a slot to teach Child/Youth Faith Development (formerly called RE).  We would love to get as many teachers as possible so that the burden on any one teacher is minimized.  We've made some changes for next year, so if you haven't taught in a while, come back and see what's new!  If you've been teaching, please consider joining up again and continuing to teach and inspire a whole new generation of UUs.  Contact Tracey Sopp or Courtney Wilson with any questions:; To sign up, click here:

This Sunday in Worship

"Growing in Generosity"

August 31, 2014

led by Mary Ellen Mogee

One Service at 10:00am

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Rev. Coeyman and a Story for All Ages

Lifespan Faith Development for Children/Youth and Teens

Beginning September 14th- Sundays; time TBD

Visit Lifespan Faith Development for more information about our Children/Youth and Teen program.





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UUCR has a rich heritage as a progressive, vibrant, and active congregation that serves the intellectual and spiritual needs of its community. We strive to be a religious community of unlimited opportunities for personal and collective growth, acting as a beacon of free and liberal faith in a changing world. Join us for the journey, and welcome!

Activities and Highlights

Our theme for this church year.  We are inspired to build bonds within our church, our Reston community and the larger world.  We have made this the theme of our annual stewardship campaign:  Love + Time + Energy + Money = the strength of our community.  The second Sunday of every month we honor a group that has made a contribution to strengthen our community.