The 2019 UUCR Stewardship Campaign

It is A Time To Be Generous!  Our church is growing and thriving.  We have just been recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as a 2019 Breakthrough Congregation! We are the fastest growing UU Church in Northern Virginia. UUCR created the first Reston Pride Festival ever, a new racial justice initiative, and has served our community in countless ways. Your support made this happen.

It is your commitment to UUCR which allows us to provide the special opportunities for spiritual and personal engagement through which we can support and serve one another and the wider community. It takes generous contributions of time, energy, and money to sustain and enhance our spiritual home at UUCR. None of this would be possible without your steady and growing financial support each year.

Our Stewardship Drive for the next church year (July 2019 - June 2020) starts in March.  Pledging is the indispensable foundation of the annual Church operations, as pledges represent about 61% of church income. If you are able, maintaining or increasing your pledge over last year is essential to ensure that UUCR continues to thrive as our congregation evolves.

During this stewardship season, please reflect on what UUCR means to you, your family, your fellow congregants, and the community. Your pledge form will be available at the Stewardship Gala & Cabaret on March 16th, after worship on March 10th and 17th, or you can pledge online here.  Thank you for all you do for UUCR.  We are so lucky to have you!

Important Information

2019 Stewardship Online Pledge Form: Use this secure form to make your Stewardship Pledge electronically.

Click here to learn about fair giving guidelines from the UUA.

COMING SOON: Pledge Form to Print

Please contact Gar Young (703-736-0140) if you would like to speak to a member of the Stewardship Committee in person or by phone.