Our goal at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston (UUCR) is to provide a safe community in which children and adults explore religious ideas and ethical values, fulfill a commitment to social justice, build healthy relationships, and celebrate the joys of life. We recognize that all people people of all ages are spiritual beings who seek to reach for, encounter, and respond to the transcendent mysteries of life. In our ministry to children and families, we support and nurture such discovery. As a popular UU hymn invites, we hope you will “Enter, rejoice, and come in!”

At UUCR, we have three specific Religious Education programs:

Additionally, our Religious Education programs include Multi-Generational activities, where all ages come together in celebration and communion. Multi-Generational activities offer the unique opportunity to explore our common heritage through music, theater and storytelling. 

Please contact our office with with any questions.