The Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston (UUCR) is governed by congregational polity, meaning that the members of the congregation independently make their own decisions regarding UUCR policies, programming and finance. Members choose who will lead the organization by electing Board members to represent the interests of the church and by calling a minister to share this leadership with them.  

Our annual meeting is held in the winter to elect board members and officers and conduct other business. A fiscal meeting is held each sprint to vote on the budget proposed by the Finance Committee and conduct other business as needed. Only members may vote on the issues before the congregation.  

Members of the Board
The Board is composed of nine members, with three new board members elected each year. All members are elected for three-year terms. Their terms coincides with the fiscal year of the church, July 1 through June 30.

Our Current Board


President: Julia Norrgard (2016-2019)

Vice President: Greg Ratta (2015-2018)

Secretary: Bruce Anderson (2014-2017)

Treasurer: Meagan Pitluck-Schmitt (2014-2017)

Member-At-Large: Laurie Dodd

Member-At-Large: Cara Fortner (2015-2018)

Member-At-Large: Randy Newton 

Member-At-Large: Bill Thomas (2016-2019)

Member-At-Large: Jeanne Travis (2016-2019)