Opportunities for children to learn what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist (UU) and to develop their own religious identity abound in all areas of UUCR church life. As children progress through our program, they will become familiar with UU principles, sources, and history. They will also learn about world religions, particularly our Jewish and Christian connections.

Our Religious Education (RE) Goals:

In order to nurture the spiritual journey in a safe and loving multi-generational community, we strive to:

  • Help children know they are persons of worth by providing understanding and acceptance of them as co-congregants.

  • Spark an interest in the search for truth and meaning through challenging questions and the exploration of a diversity of ideas and responsible answers.

  • Reinforce Unitarian Universalist values by modeling for our children our faith in action.

  • Allow children and youth to ask us about our own spiritual growth.

  • Create opportunities to appreciate the world around us.

  • Experience the joy, wonder and awe of the sacredness and interconnectedness of life.

  • Build community through service, celebrations, and FUN.

For more information about our RE program, please contact Linda Weaver, Director of Religious Education.