The Membership Committee shines the Volunteer Spotlight on the UUCR Gardening Group. The Gardening Group has been working tirelessly for the past year to enhance the appearance of the front of the church. And their efforts have succeeded spectacularly! A vast variety of flowering and green plants and trees now provide a natural and very welcoming entrance to the church. We thank you all for the hard work — all the weeding, planting, pruning, watering and maintenance that has gone into the gardens this year.

Garden Volunteers include: Bob Anderson, Pat Berg, Sherry DeReuter, Laurie Dodd, Jay Evertt, Steve Ewart, Ruth Grubb, Helen Hipps, Peter Lubitz, Mary Ellen Mogee, Linda McConnell, Ron Orr, Kate Schroeder, Annie Simpson, Ralph Tartaglione and John Wilson. And thanks also to any others who may have contributed time or plants.