The Membership Committee is spotlighting the chairs who worked so hard to make our internal and external fundraising projects such great successes.

Auction Chairs.JPG

Kathy Deligianis and Ron Bracy chaired the annual UUCR Auction on November 11, 2017. The successful Auction raised over $19,000 from donated art items, services, dinners and parties, gift certificates, boutique clothing & jewelry, and stays in vacation homes. Kathy and Ron worked tirelessly to plan and coordinate all aspects of the event, including preparing the online catalogue, creating publicity, arranging for the collection of donated items, providing food & beverages, making silent auction posters, and managing follow-up notifications. Kathy and Ron thank the congregation for their support as donors and bidders and especially appreciate Auction volunteers Carol Fyfe, Beverly Davis, Caroline & Steve Ewart, Mike Schmitt, Cara Fortner, Nadine Lesiowski, Candace Katz, Gwen Scott, Tracey Hedges, Jane Anthony, Linda Holloway, Amy Anderson and Randy Newton.


Denise Kirwan served as Chair of UUCR's annual Alternative Gift Market (AGM) on December 2, 2017. This event raised over $26,000 for 14 local charities and 20 international service organizations. A great deal of advance planning goes into putting on the AGM. Denise led the three-month effort to line up the participating charitable organizations, choose projects to support from Alternative Gifts International, prepare publicity, contact repeat customers, solicit volunteers, provide refreshments for vendors, oversee the running of the market, and follow-up with distribution of donations to organizations. She would like to thank the AGM Planning Committee: longtime Chair – Judy Erickson, former Co-Chair – Annie Simpson, Lea Davis, Nancy Gordon-Brooks, Jodi Imel, Maxine Jaubert, Arlene Krieger, Hannah Mullin, Anne Welch and Romney Wright, as well as the 40 volunteers who helped set up or participated on the day of the market.