UUCR volunteers play a critical role in the success of our church.

We depend on volunteers in a number of important ways including membership growth, program support and community outreach. The hard, thoughtful work and dedication of our volunteers allows us to affirm and promote the seven Principles of our faith. Volunteer Central is a one-stop spot for Members and Friends to learn more about the volunteer opportunities at our church. This page contains specific volunteer requests with links for signing up. Some requests are for one-time activities, while others are for ongoing volunteer support. Click on the link below to learn more and sign up.  

Volunteers Needed at The Closet
Below are the days UUCR is scheduled to volunteer at The Closet.  Two volunteers are needed for each shift; 10am - 12pm and 12 - 2pm.
Tuesday, May 16th, Tuesday, June 13th, Thursday, June 29th, Thursday, July 6th, Tuesday, July 25th. Contact Jane Anthony to sign up. Thank you!

Join the UUCR Closet Volunteers!
The UUCR Closet Volunteers would love to have new volunteers to join the group!  This group is part of the Social Action Committee. Volunteering at The Closet is a fun activity that really gives back to the community.  UUCR is one of many churches that volunteers at The Closet.

The Closet is a nonprofit thrift shop, located at 845 Station Street, in Herndon. The Closet was founded in 1974 by a handful of faith communities. In 2016, The Closet gave more than $48,000 worth of clothing and necessities to needy persons and donated more than $44,000 in profits to local organizations and scholarships for local students.

Please contact Jane Anthony to learn more. Visit The Closet's new website for information about The Closet and its history.



Volunteer Spotlight!

All of our volunteers are amazing! We like to recognize our volunteers for making a difference for UUCR and our community.

Our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Jesse Fortner! Please click here to learn more about the many ways Jesse contributes his time and talents, making a true difference for our church.