Kids Yoga Camp at UUCR in July

Beloved Yoga is holding two children's yoga camps at UUCR this summer. The camps run Monday - Friday, from 9:00am - 12:00pm. To learn more and to register, please click here

July 14-24 (Ages 3-6):
Sensory exploration, freedom of movement, language development, breathing exercises, coordination and refinement of movement and repetition of poses to solidify the concepts of yoga. This class is led in a nurturing environment so younger kids can learn to express themselves in an artistic and supportive way.

July 24-28 (Ages 7-11)
Emphasis is on community and mutual respect, freedom of movement and choice, learning about nutrition, yoga poses, meditation, and self-respect. This class provides a fun, relaxing and noncompetitive environment for kids to move creatively and learn yoga. We will do age-appropriate yoga poses, movement games and stretching exercises to promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques will teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control.