Click here to view/save/print the Hospitality Schedule & Instructions document

We are trying a new experiment this year for hospitality after church.  The Board and Leadership Council have decided to assign each committee and subgroup in the church the responsibility to provide refreshments one (or two for the larger committees) Sunday a year. 

Please click here to view the assigned dates and instructions.  Should you need to switch your date, please arrange with another group to swap dates and alert Beth DiPasquale by email ( once the swap is arranged.

The good news is that you do not have to make the coffee and tea or clean up! You simply need to arrange for your group to bring refreshments for at least 75 people. Dividing food assignments among your committee/group members means that no one person has to assume the costs or time. Store bought snacks are fine.

Here are the details:


  • You can bring your choice of food.
  •  The food you bring should be nut-free.
  • It should include breads, pastries or cookies as well as a protein and a gluten-free option.
  • You do not need to bring drinks, although you may if you want to.

Hospitality Preparation:

  • Your group should arrive by 9:15 to prepare the food.
  • Food should be placed on platters, in bowls etc. with serving utensils and be ready on the kitchen counter by the window by 9:45. UUCR has just about every serving platter or utensil you may need but if your refreshments require something unusual, it is a good idea to double check that we have it. Please also get a tablecloth (found in the kitchen drawer labeled accordingly) to place on the table.
  • At the conclusion of the postlude, your group should bring the large table that is stacked up against the bulletin board in the West Foyer and set it up in the back of the Sanctuary. Please add the tablecloth and food at that point. You can use the kitchen window to pass food through if you wish.

We are excited to be trying this new system. Coffee Hour is a special UUCR tradition. We regularly hear how important this time is.  Having beverages and snacks to offer after service encourages people to engage in conversation and gives newcomers an opportunity to get acquainted. Hospitality is an essential ingredient in the Sunday morning experience and we truly appreciate your support in carrying this tradition forward.  

Please contact Beth DiPasquale with questions ( / 703-956-9155). Beth will send you an email reminder on the Monday before your turn.

Thank you and bon appétit!