Don't Even Think About Not Voting

Sikh activist Valerie LaSouer, the head of Loves Army, wrote recently that this is a time to give birth to a new America.  She reminded her readers that during labor we need to do two things:  Breathe and push… To quote her,” breathe in order to remember all that is beautiful and good and worth fighting for.  Then decide how you will push? Will you register voters? Drive people to the polls? Canvass neighborhoods? Because if enough of us choose to return to the labor right now, we can begin to usher in a new era.”

So, what are you planning to do? I’m donating money to candidates in close races around the country.  This coming week, I’ve signed up to make calls to voters in Florida about passing the Voting Restoration Amendment, to reinstate the voting rights of more than one million Floridians, who at some point in their lives were convicted of a felony offense. These men and women – disproportionately representing communities of color – have done their time, paid their debts to society, and yet, are ineligible to vote. I’ve signed up to phone bank with Voice the day before the election and on election day to help Get Out the Vote.  The UUA is looking for volunteers to go to key states. What can you do? It goes without saying that every one of you must VOTE. 

Now, based on things I’m seeing on twitter and Facebook, a lot of people are wondering if it pays to vote.  Don’t even think about not voting.  If you are even beginning to think about not voting, remember that People like Jimmy Lee Jackson, Rev. Reeb, and Viola Liuzzo died to secure our right to vote.  Alice Paul and John Lewis and countless others were beaten almost to death to secure our right to vote.  Thousands of people went to jail and put their lives on the line so we could vote.  Do not let these ancestors down.