UUCR New Year's Resolutions

On January 7, 2017, I suggested to the congregation ten possible New Year’s resolutions related to your involvement with UUCR.  You can listen to the sermon on our website here if you missed it. I hope this list will remind you about how you can live out your intentions for a more connected, more grateful 2018.

  1. Come to church every Sunday.  Okay, most Sundays. 
  2. Meet one person who is new to you each week.
  3. Invite someone to have lunch with you or to take a walk after services.
  4. Join a small group ministry. 
  5. Try being on a committee that is new to you. 
  6.  Bring a friend to church.
  7. Volunteer for one of our social action programs.  Do service for others.
  8. Take an adult RE class or think about teaching an adult RE class next fall.
  9. Attend a multigenerational event. 
  10. Show compassion and gratitude for each other!

Remember, all of our activities are posted on our calendar, listed in the handout we distribute each Sunday, and are in our eBlast and on our Facebook page.  It’s easy to be involved, and I promise you will be welcome!