Letter from the Nominating Committee

In accordance with the UUCR constitution, the UUCR Nominating Committee is providing a slate of candidates for elective positions for formal election to the UUCR Board, Leadership Council, and Nominating Committee. We have recruited and assembled the following slate of candidates for the annual election of Board Members, Board Officers, At-Large Leadership Council member, and Nominating Committee members. The Committee has selected as nominees active members who, in its opinion, are qualified and have confirmed their willingness to serve in the position for which they are nominated. Please click here to view/print photos and bios of all nominees. Hard copies of the letter from the  nominating committee and the slate of candidates are available in both church foyers. 

The Committee was unable to recruit a member of the UUCR congregation to serve as Church Vice President (VP). Our recommendation is that this slate of candidates be presented to the congregation for voting at the General Annual meeting on February 25, 2018. The Committee will nominate a candidate for VP at the May 2018 meeting if we have a congregation member who is willing to serve in this capacity.

Please note that the current President, Julia Norrgard, is not resigning from the Board but transitioning to an At-Large position. This term will be for one year and at the end of the 2018-2019 church year, she will retire from the Board, after having served a three-year term. Paul Cohen will be elected for a three-year term and has agreed to serve as President from 2018 to 2019. Incumbent Board member, Bill Thomas, has agreed to serve a second term as Church Treasurer. Incumbent Board Member, Lesley Tyson, has agreed to serve a one-year term as Church Secretary. It should be noted that the Constitution states that Elected officers of the Board may serve no more than two successive one-year terms.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Anderson, Steve Ewart, Barbara Naef, Michael Schmitt, and Marsha Hughes-Rease
UUCR Nominating Committee

Slate of Candidates

Board Officers

  • President: Paul Cohen (July 2018-June 2019)
  • Secretary: Lesley Tyson (July 2018-June 2019)
  • Treasurer: Bill Thomas (July 2018-June 2019)

Board Member At-Large

  • Meredith Kimbell  (July 2018-June 2021)

Leadership Council Member At Large

  • Laurie Dodd (July 2018-June 2020)

Nominating Committee Members

  • Randy Newton (April 2018-April 2020)
  • Helen Rose (April 2018-April 2020)
  • Cara Fortner (April 2018-April 2020)

The election will result in the following leadership team:

UUCR Board Officers
Paul Cohen (President)
Lesley Tyson (Secretary)
Bill Thomas (Treasurer)

Thank you to outgoing Board Officers: Julia Norrgard, Greg Ratta, and Laurie Dodd.

UUCR At-Large Board Members
Meredith Kimbell, David Niemi, Julia Norrgard, Jeanne Travis and Gar Young

Thank you to outgoing At-Large Board Member Randy Newton for his service on the Board.

Leadership Council At Large Member
Laurie Dodd

Thank you to outgoing member Myles Flint for his service on the Leadership Council.

Nominating Committee Members
Bruce Anderson, Cara Fortner, Randy Newton, Helen Rose, and Michael Schmitt

Thank you to outgoing members: Steve Ewart, Marsha Hughes-Rease, and Barbara Naef for their service on the Nominating Committee.