The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, February 26, following the service.  

The UUCR Nominating Committee, during the 2016/2017 year-to-date, has twice provided recommendations to the Board for board appointees made due to resignations caused by family illness, relocation, and death of Board Members. During the Annual Meeting we will formally elect those appointees. The Nominating Committee also recruited and assembled the following slate of nominees for our annual election of Board Members, Officers, Leadership Council, and Nominating Committee. For a full description of all these nominees, including photos and brief bios, please click here.

Election of Board Appointees (through June 2018):

  • Laurie Dodd
  • Randy Newton
  • Greg Ratta

Election of New Board Members (July 2017-July 2020)

  • David Niemi
  • Lesley Tyson
  • Gar Young

Election of Board Officers (July 2017-July 2018)

  • President: Julia Norrgard
  • Vice President: Greg Ratta
  • Secretary: Laurie Dodd
  • Treasurer: Bill Thomas

Election of Leadership Council Member At Large (July 2017-July 2019)

  • Anne Thomas

Election of Nominating Committee Members

  • Bruce Anderson (July 2017-April 2019)
  • Mike Schmitt (April 2017-April 2019)

The elections here described will result in the following leadership roles for FY2017/2018:

  • Board Members: Julia Norrgard (President), Greg Ratta (Vice President), Laurie Dodd (Secretary), Bill Thomas (Treasurer), and At Large Members David Niemi, Randy Newton, Jeanne Travis, Lesley Tyson, and Gar Young. Thank you to outgoing Board Members Bruce Anderson, Cara Fortner, and Meagan Pitluck-Schmitt for their service.
  • At Large Members of the Leadership Council: Myles Flint and Anne Thomas. Thank you to outgoing member Linda Holloway for her service.
  • Nominating Committee Members: Bruce Anderson, Steve Ewart, Marsha Hughes-Reese, Barbara Naef, and Mike Schmitt. Thank you to outgoing member Annie Simpson for her service.