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Larry Behunek - Visions from the Piedmont

Reception date - February 16

     Lawrence Behunek, a native of Pittsburgh, majored in painting and photography at Edinboro State University where he received a degree in Fine Arts, in 1975. He relocated to Northern Virginia shortly thereafter, where he worked over the years as both a graphic designer and illustrator, but has recently refocused his creative energies on the fine arts.
     Behunek’s skills as an artist are best revealed in his landscape paintings. Through his distinctive portrayal of light, he captures the essential visual and atmospheric elements of the setting with which he is working, while applying the emotional aspects of the scene to each individual piece. These works, similar in style to those of the Pennsylvania Impressionists and the New Hope School of painters, are created through a combination of outdoor studies and plein air painting, with completion in the studio from memory, improvisation and photographic images. In process, the surface of each canvas is usually treated with loose and scumbled strokes on an underlayment of color, providing a rich and pleasing textural quality when experienced up close, while maintaining a focused image from a distance.
     The paintings in this series are focused on the rural landscape of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley,
where Behunek has been drawn to the beauty of the fields, adorned with their Blue Ridge backdrops and ever changing skies. He is currently working on similar large scale works, with mixed media and increased abstraction, while minimizing the composition.
     Although a landscape painter at heart, Behunek is a modernist when it comes to his architectural and decorative preferences. He is currently working on a new website,, which will display his current abstractions, categorized by color schemes and geared to the architectural design industry. He also works on a commission basis for those that want a specific style of painting to coordinate an interior.