A Sample of Artwork from "Birds Bees and Leaves"  



Current Art Exhibit

"Birds Bees and Leaves"

September 17 to October 12

Birds Bees & Leaves is the first exhibit of artist Cecile Batchelor, who works under the label MoinMoin Creations (Yes, there is a story there!).  In this mixed media show you will see some of her art from student days as well as new creations.  Cecile considers herself a mathematician by profession but an artist by passion.  Her work includes garments, needle felting, embroidery, 3-D collage, jewelry, tapestry, and art and traditional quilts.

Cecile named this show after three of her favorite motifs:  birds, bees, and leaves.  You will see six appearances of Bertie, a little brown appliquéd bird that appears on a patchwork of fabric that has been embellished with embroidery and beads and buttons.  Cecile enjoys both big, bold graphic statements as well as art in miniature.  Her little gnomes are little miniature works of art—you should have a careful look at some of their capes!

Cecile will host a reception on October 12, 2014, in the UUCR sanctuary from 12:30 – 2:30.