It's almost Auction time!

It’s official! The annual UUCR Auction will be on Saturday, November 11th from 6 – 9 PM. We hope you can join us for a night of excitement and revelry!

The UUCR Auction is a yearly event where Members and Friends of the congregation can bid on items, events, and services donated by the UUCR community. There are both silent and live portions of the auction. Many folks use the Auction as a start to creating their social calendar for the next year; others as a place to buy gifts or one-of-a-kind items. Above all, though, the Auction is a way to contribute to the financial health of the church while building bonds of fellowship with members and friends. Did we mention, it’s also just good fun?!

A successful auction requires both donors and bidders. Please consider what you might be willing to donate to the auction. All donations can be submitted via this auction website

The night of the Auction, we hope you will bring yourselves, your stomachs, your calendars, and your pocketbook. Contributions for the bake sale portion of the auction are welcome too! Tickets are $10/person or $20/family. Snacks and beverages will be served, and desserts from the bake sale will be available for purchase throughout the evening. Childcare will be provided.

Please see Kathy Deligianis or Ron Bracy for more information or email them at Volunteers for assisting in running the auction are also very welcome. Thank you for helping to make the 2017 Auction the best yet! 

Donation Examples

  • Homemade foods and goodies (e.g., jams, pies)
  • Offers to make something or provide a service using skills, talents, and/or tools that you have, to the specifications of the auction winner (e.g., art, quilts, homemade bread, desserts, bicycle repair, audio format conversion, babysitting, bartending, DJing, photography, sport coaching, a musical instrument lesson, hair braiding)
  • Art and jewelry
  • Stays at your vacation timeshare/cabin/house
  • Organizing a group activity that you enjoy (e.g., running, hiking, bridge, bicycling, board games, an astronomical viewing, roleplaying games, botanical hikes, cookie baking)
  • Social gatherings that you host (e.g., themed dinners, tastings, sports viewing parties, movie viewing parties, choir-sing-alongs)
  • Gift certificates to nearby fancy restaurants
  • Gift Baskets (e.g., wine basket, book basket, snack basket)
  • Donations for the bake sale

Event Details:

UUCR Annual Auction
Saturday, November 11, 6:00-9:00pm
Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10/person or $20/family

Visit the Auction website to sign up, offer an item for auction and see a preview of what's coming!

Please contact Kathy Deligianis or Ron Bracy to with questions or to volunteer.