Linda Jones – Featured Artist July 25 – August 27
Art reception Sunday July 30, Noon – 2.30pm

Artist's Statement:
The paintings included in this show reflect my love of color and an intimate relationship with nature, whether it is a landscape or an individual element such as a flower, leaf, bird, fruit or tree. Many of my pictures depict nature in close proximity. I live surrounded by trees, and love looking up at the sky through their leaves and branches. Although my style tends towards realism, it portrays impressions of my perception, sometimes leading to more abstract paintings derived from nature.

I work in a variety of media: watercolor, acrylics, pastels, oils and also mixed media. I like layering sequential washes and glazes in watercolor on paper or different media on fabric or canvas to create the subtle and vibrant colors, textures and modeling of the subject, demonstrating the beauty of natural light and nature in the landscape.

Art has always been an interest in my life, and I have often relaxed with a sketchbook. As a geography and geology teacher at English high schools, I encouraged my students to do field sketches as a way to record the relationship of the landscape to the underlying geology. I have also enjoyed many art activities with my three children as they have been growing up.

After coming to America, I joined the Corcoran McLean Project for the Arts to widen the scope of my art, studying watercolor with Margaret Huddy and Barbara Januszkievicz, drawing and pastels with J. Lea Lansaw and Marise Riddell, mixed media and abstract art with Afaf Zurayk, and ‘Painting – Abstracting from Nature’ with Sharon Fishel.

Living in northern Virginia gives me a wonderful environment in which to paint, and I never travel without my paints, brushes, papers and camera..

My paintings have been accepted into juried shows throughout the area. My pictures are in private and corporate collections in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I am an active member, and currently am president and chairman of the board of Great Falls Studios,

You can view more paintings on my website.

Contact Info: 
703-442 9251 (studio) 
703-431 5064 (cell)