As spiritual explorers, UUs thirst for new information, new ideas, new ways to make sense of our world and its mysteries.  Our worship is fed by questioning, considering, and reconsidering. Here, you are welcome to express doubt, take a new path, or try a new spiritual practice.

The Adult Faith Development (AFD) program at UUCR responds to that thirst by providing opportunities to connect with others as we explore, engage, connect, and grow in our spirituality.

Enter, Rejoice, and Come In!

About AFD at UUCR

The UUCR Adult Faith Development program is aligned with UUA’s Tapestry of Faith, which identifies these four keystone elements of faith development

  • Ethical Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • UU Identity
  • Faith Development

You will find opportunities to explore all four strands at UUCR.  Programs are held throughout the week, and each third Sunday after service is dedicated to adult and multigenerational faith development.  Most programs are free.  Scholarships may be available for any fee-based programs by contacting the DLFD.  Childcare may be available if requested in advance, and is at the discretion of the program facilitator.

For more information on the Adult Faith Development program at UUCR, please contact Maggie Mack